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The Health & Wellness industry is worth 4.2 trillion dollars, yet many of the products and treatments are geared towards a small minority of affluent consumers, and they are mostly unregulated. The growing number of fake prophets and celebrities endorsing questionable treatments is extremely concerning, as a lot of people fall into those traps out of desperation and drain their funds with no results, me being one of them. 


The “Beyond Pixel DigiSpa” is a glitch in the Health & Wellness system. Using the format of a spa website as an online installation, I invite the viewer to navigate through my experiences within this industry showing the positive and negative aspects that I have encountered. 

The Home page is satirical using wellness language to highlight the absurdity of certain practices. The Spa Menu acts as the stage for my testimonials of the many things that I have tested on myself, and the Shop page debunks fraudulent products on the market. 




Gaia Marcaccini


Actors + Production + Sound Design :

Diane Kim, Siena Marcaccini, Giacomo Vigliar, Bettina Santo Domingo, Riley Burke, James Lipsius, Sam Youkilis, Kell Samaro Yang, Mikaela Beach, Davis Gerber, Emma Perrin, Sam Von Horn.

Thank you :

Paul Vester, Pia Borg, Maureen Selwood, and my Calarts EA family!

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