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Don’t believe the hype when skin care products claim they have collagen in them. It is a scam. Collagen can only be absorbed through the digestive track, so you can only take it in pill form or as a drinking powder. Don’t waste your money on all these fake products and see no results!


This is called the sunshine vitamin and is vital to a balanced health. Almost half of the adult American population is Vitamin D deficient. Mounting evidence suggests that Vitamin D deficiency could be linked to several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression.

You can change this by eating more foods rich with this vitamin, increasing sun exposure or taking supplements. 

Supplement Fraud

The dietary supplement and vitamin market is estimated at 300 billion dollars. Most people take random pills and don’t check the quality. One study found that almost 70 percent of supplements tested had some degree of substitution (i.e., the product didn’t contain what was on the label) and one third contained contaminants or filler. That is unacceptable. By finding out I had a lot of deficiencies, I started taking the right supplements that have really helped me. I’ve made sure to find the right companies so these are some that aren’t filled with crap : Pure, Alkaline Herb Shop, Holtraceuticals, Thorne, Standard Process. Be careful of what you put in your body. Just because Gwyneth Paltrow approves, doesn’t mean it's good, especially when it is advertised as a miracle cure.

Vitamineral Green

No this is not a miracle cure, but as a nutritional supplement it’s as good as it gets. It combines 22 nutrient dense superfoods that are not commonly found in our modern diets. And let’s be real, no one has a perfect diet, especially in this fast paced high stress world we live in. But don’t use this as a strategy to avoid eating vegetables, this is an accompaniment that will boost your health. I am definitely a believer in healing yourself through nutrition, but sometimes I need extra help and think this is a good way to get extra nutrients.


Beware of “greenwashing” products such as OGX’s shampoo products who parade as eco friendly and safe for the body. This product, among many others, is popularly sold at most supermarkets and it stands out by calling itself “organic.” The sad reality is that it is toxic : these shampoos contain DMDM Hydantoin which is formaldehyde and causes hair loss as well as contains carcinogens. It also includes fragrance, which is found in most beauty products, that disrupts hormones.

Here is a list of hair products that contain these chemicals.

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